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Hempmon CZ (Kunming) Technology Center Hempmon CZ (Beijing) Research Institute
Two R&D centers

The Hempmon CZ (Kunming) Technology Center is a technical support and service department under the Hempmon CZ R&D System that is engaged in commercializing R&D results for mass production. It is mainly responsible for the planting, extraction, separation and purification of hemp, as well as the development, promotion and application of new production equipment and technology.

Two R&D centers

Based in the Yizhuang Biomedical Park, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, the Hempmon CZ (Beijing) Research Institute comprises two pharmaceutical and health products R&D laboratories and an R&D team with over 70% of its members holding a master’s degree and doctoral degree in biomedicine or other health-related disciplines.

Partnership with research institutes Five Research Areas
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Placing an emphasis on technological innovation and the commercialization of technological achievements, Hempmon CZ is committed to promoting research, technological reserve, product development and industry-academia linkages. It has established partnerships with prestigious domestic and foreign research institutions, such as Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Tianjin University's National Industrial Crystallization Technology Research Center; and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, to foster collaborative research on the technological development and application of hemp in various fields.

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