Planting Base
Planting Base

Spanning an area of 494 acres, Hempmon CZ Hemp Planting Demonstration Base is located in Yunji Community at Yunnan province’s Kunming. The demonstration base has a conducive environment for the growth of hemp as it has an altitude of 1,900 m with an average annual temperature of 14.5℃, average annual precipitation of 1,100 mm and a sunshine duration of 2,069.8 hours on a yearly average.

In addition, Hempmon CZ focuses on developing high-quality and high CBD content varieties of hemp. The Company has obtained the Permit for Hemp Planting in Yunnan Province and Permit for Hemp Planting and Research in Yunnan Province from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Public Security. Our “Research and Demonstration of Efficient Hemp Planting” project has also received approval from the Yunnan Provincial Technology Service Center, which was entrusted by the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

With improved operations at the hemp planting demonstration base and the increasing maturity of planting technologies, Hempmon CZ will enhance the cultivation of hemp and build an organic hemp production base, benefiting farmers and promoting the growth of hemp technologies and the industry at the same time.

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Committed to China's Going Global Strategy, the company seeks to leverage its resources and competitive advantage to penetrate the global market, including the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Global presence spans over 80 countries and regions

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The company aims to drive the growth of the industrial hemp sector and promote digital promotion, retail and e-commerce in the Chinese market while following national policies.

Establish marketing and sales teams in specific departments
Streamlined operations and management
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