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Hemp seed refined protein
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Traits:Three specifications of protein content ≥65%, ≥90%, ≥99%

Storage conditions:Store at -10~4℃ prevention from light and humidity, in a sealed container.

Application conditions:Easy to grow bacteria and spoil when exposed to a warm and humid environment; recommended to store it in a dry and airtight place at -10~4℃ to better preserve the original aroma and taste of the protein powder; the shelf life is 12 months.

Major functions:It is hemp seed extract, which is antioxidant, can boost immunity, activate immune cells, and can improve physical fitness; highly nutritious; can protect the livers and kidneys; rich in plant-derived globulin, albumin and various essential amino acids; great for the recovery of human livers and kidneys and weak patients with chronic diseases.

(*The main effects are from literature reports)