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Water-soluble CBD
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Description】White particles or powder; easy to absorb moisture; easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, water; almost insoluble in ether.

Main Ingredients】CBD content ≥10%, 20% of two specifications 

Storage Conditions】Room temperature, prevention from light, in a sealed container. 

Application Conditions】Strong antioxidant effect, easily to be oxidized under UV irradiation and oxygen rich environment, easy to absorb moisture and discolor in the air.


Main non-psychoactive ingredients in hemp 

1.Reduce inflammation, convulsions and anxiety, pain and vomiting in medicine, and have significant effects in treating depression, epilepsy, cancer, and pain, as well as sedation. 

2.In some countries or regions, it can be used as an effective ingredient in medicines, dietary supplements, food and cosmetics.

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