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Hempmon CZ signed cooperative agreement with Researcher Yang Ming and Industrial Crops Institute of YAAS
Release Time: 2020-06-18 16:43:37.0
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On June 18, 2020, Yunnan Hempmon Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hempmon CZ”) signed a cooperative agreement with Researcher Yang Ming and Industrial Crops Institute of YAAS, and officially established Yang Ming’s Expert Workstation.

According to the agreement, Yang Ming’s Expert Workstation will base on the technological resources of the Research Center for Hemp at Industrial Crops Institute of YAAS for more than 30 years and the professional skills of the expert team, to carry out in-depth cooperation with Hempmon CZ in terms of modern efficient cultivation methods of hemp, to explore the cultivation technologies of hemp in China, and to improve the growing and application level of hemp in China. Guided by the modern efficient method, the workstation will achieve goals like annual indoor-growing of hemp for 3-4 seasons, 95% of the survival rate of cuttings and seedlings, and more than 5% of CBD content.

Li Ruyan, president of Hempmon CZ, said that after years of development in the extraction and processing of hemp, Hempmon CZ’s modern plant that can process 2,000 tons of hemp will be put into production soon, which will further strengthen Hempmon CZ’s advantages in the field of hemp processing. The establishment of Yang Ming’s Expert Workstation marked Hempmon CZ’s development in the field of upstream breeding and cultivation of hemp. Through cooperation with outstanding experts in the domestic field of upstream breeding and growing of hemp, and the optimized allocation of talents, technologies and capital, major breakthroughs are expected to be made in the hemp cultivation field.

In the future, Hempmon CZ will continue to give full play to Tsinghua University’s advantages of talents and technologies, relying on Chengzhi Shareholding’s successful experience in the integrated development of scientific research and industry, through the construction of efficient breeding, planting, extraction, and the utilization of the industrial ecology, to improve the cultivation technologies of hemp, effectively transform the scientific and technological achievements into products, improve market competitiveness, and make a contribution to the development of the hemp industry in China.